AMPPE is a voice for its members, ensuring that Canada’s Rocky Mountain National Parks remain world leaders in positive visitor experience.

The Association for Mountain Parks  Protection & Enjoyment (AMPPE) operates within the Canadian Rocky Mountain National Parks, a vast region including Banff and Lake Louise, Jasper, Yoho and Kootenay National Parks.

Our members share our vision of ensuring Canada’s Rocky Mountain National Parks remain world leaders in visitor experience. They support our mission to advocate for positive experience through the balance of sustainable tourism and ecological integrity. AMPPE is not only a voice for our members, but also an accurate source of information regarding current issues in Canada’s Rocky Mountain Parks.

AMPPE members include a wide range of individuals and stakeholders, including recreationalists and user groups, accommodation providers, ski area operators, retailers, associations and foundations, transportation and tour companies, restaurants and business firms.

Our Vision

Visitor experience must remain enshrined in the National Parks Act and become a leading principle in the federal government’s management plans.

Our Mandate

We are a platform for park users to share messaging that supports continued access and enjoyment of the Rocky Mountain National Parks. We work alongside our members and partners to ensure our vision is reflected in regional National Park management plans.

Our History

AMPPE was created in 1994 by a group of concerned business owners in the mountain parks in response to new legislation limiting development, specifically the Banff Bow Valley Study. It became apparent that critical decisions were being made at the Federal Level in Ottawa without the input of the local business operators, citizens and recreationalists in the region.

Several local associations, businesses and individuals came together to form an organization that would acts as a collective voice for the welfare of the mountain parks. This organization was born with the intention of bringing a fair and balanced, science-based and locally-driven perspective to key stakeholders and decision makers, and was called The Association for Mountain Parks Protection and Enjoyment or AMPPE.

Through AMPPE’s diverse membership base and partnerships, we are able to act as a strong and powerful voice representing mountain park users and service providers to ensure that the balanced usage of our mountain parks continues.

To this day, our goal continues to be ensuring that the mountain park environment provides a positive visitor experience for all.

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AMPPE is governed by a Board of Directors of the highest level of expertise in the region. It is comprised of representatives from service provider organizations, recreation user groups and individuals with a vested interest in the mountain parks. A conscious effort is made to have equal representation across Rocky Mountain National Parks within user group and business sectors. The Board meets monthly to discuss and guide AMPPE’s policies and directives.

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