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The Association for Mountain Parks Protection & Enjoyment is a non-profit advocacy organization. AMPPE is funded primarily through membership fees, which help achieve our goals.

AMPPE brings more than 20 years of experience in supporting service providers and mountain recreationalists to achieve a balance in sustainable tourism resulting in positive visitor experiences for all mountain park patrons. We have been recognized at all levels of government as an innovative catalyst, working to find resolutions for the good of the environment, tourism providers, local recreationalists and international tourists alike.

Membership with AMPPE is an opportunity to ensure that you as an individual or your organization as a whole has a voice of representation when you need it around issues that are important to you.

In addition to the Executive Director acting on your behalf, membership in AMPPE also includes frequent e-mail communications regarding current issues, monthly Newsletters and invitations to exclusive networking opportunities such as the Annual AMPPE Fundraising Gala.

2018 Membership Categories & Fees (Rates Include GST)


Lifetime Membership by Donation Only!
$5 / $10 / $20 / $25 / Other

* B&Bs & Hostels $ 120.00
* Under 50 Employees $ 300.00
* 50-100 Employees $ 575.00
* 100-200 Employees $ 1,200.00
* 200-300 Employees $ 2,300.00
* Over 300 Employees $ 3,500.00
* Under 2000 sq. ft. $ 300.00
* Over 200 sq. ft. $ 575.00
* Under 50 Employees $ 400.00
* 50-100 Employees $ 575.00
* 100-200 Employees $ 1,200.00
* 200-300 Employees $ 2,300.00
* Over 300 Employees $ 3,500.00
* Under 100 Seats $ 300.00
* Over 100 Seats $ 575.00
Transportation / Tours $ 575.00
Ski Area (Small) $ 1,200.00
Ski Area (Medium) $ 2,300.00
Ski Area (Large) $ 3,500.00


Golf Course (Public) $ 575.00
Golf Course (Private) $ 1,200.00
Associations / Foundations $ 400.00
Municipalities (Village) $ 1,200.00
Municipalities (Town) $ 2,300.00
Municipalities (City) $ 3,500.00

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If you are already a member, thank you for your support! Please help communicate the AMPPE message to friends, associates and visitors to strengthen our impact in the mountain parks! We encourage you to Contact Us to share your views and ideas, and assist AMPPE in effectively representing our members.

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What People Are Saying

“As an event organizer, I count on AMPPE to help establish the importance of the very legitimate role events play in bringing Canadians to our mountain parks. AMPPE is an effective voice for our citizens and visitors having access to their connection with our Rockies. AMPPE understands that events showcase the beauty of our mountains and our park values to a worldwide audience.”

- Norbert Meier, Executive Coach, Meier Management Consulting, Canmore

“I love the new summer and winter trails on Tunnel Mountain. I know that AMPPE worked hard to advocate for the expansion with Parks Canada and together they really made a difference for skiers and bikers in the Bow Valley.”

- Angela Brown, Recreationist, Canmore

“As a lifelong resident of Banff as well as business owner, I value the advocacy role AMPPE plays in ensuring user rights and environmental protection are approached in a balanced manner.  A connection to nature is integral to the human experience and AMPPE helps ensures that all people, regardless of age, ability or experience, are able to enjoy the mountain parks.”

- Yannis Karlos, Owner, Balkan Restaurant, Banff

“AMPPE holds people accountable to the truth and ensure that momentous decisions at the government level pertaining to our National Parks are backed by both environmental science and social science, facilitating balanced and fair policy outcomes.”

- Jan Huminuik, General Manager, Baker Creek Chalets, Lake Louise

“AMPPE supports the creation of new activities and products that create meaningful positive experiences and enhance awareness and connection with National Park values. Their assistance with the Glacier Skywalk was instrumental in the planning phases as well as in educating the public and building excitement toward the opening of this new and exciting attraction.”

- David McKenna, CEO, Brewster Travel Canada, Banff