Update on Park Management Planning

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Parks Canada had to postpone formal consultations on the 2020 Park Management Plan earlier this year. While formal consultations have not yet been resumed, AMPPE will be meeting with the Superintendents of the Banff and Lake Louise Field Units this month to get an update on the plan. 

AMPPE was created in, in part, to respond to proposed changes in park management that would limit user access and the viability of experience providers – specifically from the Banff Bow Valley Study.

Critical decisions were being made about the parks in Ottawa without the input of business operators, citizens and recreationalists in the region. AMPPE became that voice and actively participated in the citizens roundtable to that study and in every subsequent management plan since then. 

Prior to the postponement, AMPPE had participated in a number of discussions and meetings on the plan and since then have created a submission to the Minister’s Roundtable. AMPPE meets regularly with Park Superintendents to bring concerns and ideas from our membership forward.

Please contact AMPPE’s Director of Communications and Engagement (director@amppe.org) if you have any questions or feedback to bring forward on this topic. Having many voices speak as one is how we can best advocate on policies and plans that impact you the most.