Banff National Park Issues its First-Ever Mountain Bike Guiding Permit

AMPPE is pleased to congratulate Board member Clare McCann of Bikescape for being awarded Banff National Park’s first and only mountain bike guide permit.  

Clare and her team at Bikescape are busily preparing programs for an expected onslaught of aspiring cyclists, “Three weeks isn’t a lot of notice during a pandemic, but we will be ready to offer fun programs that  comply with the terms of our license this summer.”

A large part of Bikescape’s business centers on kids camps. With this license, Bikescape will be better able to expand its offerings in interpretive tours, coaching, and customizing experiences for riders of all ability levels.

AMPPE believes that local tours and guides can enhance visitors’ experiences within the Parks while preserving ecological integrity.

With a guide, visitors can discover new places, learn about the local flora and fauna, find out how to responsibly enjoy the area, and –importantly–visitors can find out how to stay safe while taking in the beautiful scenery this region has to offer.

Showing guests how to enjoy the trails responsibly can reduce wildlife conflict, raise awareness of the impacts various activities have on the tracks, and help guests understand local trail etiquette.

Check out Bikescape’s website to see the programs they offer.

Congratulations again Clare!