Park Management Plan -Jasper Summary

The much-anticipated drafts of the 2020 Park Management Plans have now been released to stakeholders and the public for feedback. These plans will guide decision-making within the Parks for the next 10 years. As such, it is imperative that we use the collective efforts of this organization to provide clear, targeted, and solutions-focused feedback.

The draft plan for Jasper does not contain any major surprises. It does, however, mention the need to visitor management tools to be implemented to reduce wildlife-human conflict and to reduce congestion. The plan for Jasper also contains a section on the Tonquin Valley where Parks mentions that the actions they have taken in recent years have not succeeded in halting the decline of the Tonquin caribou.

The draft plans for Jasper and Banff/Lake Louise are surprisingly different. While the plan for Banff plan for Banff is quite high level, the plan for Jasper contains a lot more detail. Here’s a summary of our thoughts on the plan for Jasper.

The big news in Jasper’s plan is centered on the Tonquin Valley.

aims to complete a number of assessments by 2025:
– Objective 1.3-Backcountry visitation patterns for North Jasper are assessed by 2025 to identify and implement operational adjustments to protect the A La Peche caribou herd and maintain habitat security for caribou and bears.
– Objective 5.2-The business licensing process for guided recreational activities and road-based vehicular tours is reviewed by 2025 in collaboration with other field units. and is reviewed