AMPPE taking action for maintained park access

With the new measures and restrictions imposed yesterday by the provincial government, AMPPE is taking decisive action to ensure that services and facilities within the Mountain Parks are maintained or even expanded to accommodate an expected surge in outdoor recreationalists.
Simply put, the Mountain Parks have what Canadians need.

While every effort must be taken to ensure safety, it is essential that access to outdoor activities is maintained or even expanded to accommodate families and individuals during these stressful times.

AMPPE has already arranged meetings with parks superintendents and is undertaking an extensive government relations campaign to advocate for maintained access to facilities and services.

Access to the 1A, Sundance Canyon and other front country areas are important to ensuring that Canadians have a safe place to recreate – especially during the holidays.

It’s time to be creative and you can help. You are expert hosts and know the Mountain Parks better than anyone. If you have suggestions or ideas we can take forward that will help to improve access for Canadians at this critical time, please send your ideas to