AMPPE Hosts Ron Hallman, President and CEO of Parks Canada, for Fireside Chat

“We don’t want to do it alone” – Andrew Campbell

On April 9, to a packed room in Banff, President and CEO Ron Hallman reminded an audience of local politicians, industry leaders and environmental groups that 97% of Banff National Park remains a wilderness area with a robust wildlife population. Mr. Hallman made this remark to remind the audience that many currently debated issues will impact only a tiny portion of the Parks.

This was the second year AMPPE joined forces with CPAWS S. Alberta to host the event and build closer ties with Parks Canada and each other.

Mr. Hallman made these remarks at a fireside chat moderated by Banff’s Stavros Karlos. Parks Canada’s Senior VP of Operations Andrew Campbell and VP of External Relations and Visitor Relations Christine Loth-Brown joined Hallman in the discussion.

Parks Canada discussed several current issues while paying homage to the past, with Hallman saying, “It’s worth noting that the successes we have today were made on legislation from decades ago….things were hard in the past, and they are serving us today.”

The future of guiding, the decision-making processes within Parks Canada, and invasive species were among the topics discussed. Of note, the Parks Canada crew stated unequivocally that Parks Canada will not be moving towards a license of occupation model for guiding licenses, that they believe in mass transit, and they acknowledged that they can’t do it alone, implying their eagerness to work with businesses in the parks.

Another theme of the event was the importance of collaboration between Parks Canada and organizations like AMPPE and CPAWS, saying The steps we take now will be looked back on as defining moments.”

The event provided a valuable platform for stakeholders to engage directly with Parks Canada leadership. As we look ahead, collaboration and partnership will be key to addressing the challenges and opportunities facing the Mountain Parks. Events like this one serve as a reminder of the importance of working together to protect and preserve these incredible landscapes for future generations to enjoy.

AMPPE sincerely thanks Ron Hallman, Parks Canada, and CPAWS S. Alberta for their willingness to engage with us and for everyone’s dedication to protecting and presenting our Mountain Parks.