The Association for Mountain Parks Protection & Enjoyment protecting parks * protecting tourism

To ensure Canada’s Rocky Mountain Parks remain world leaders in visitor experience.

To advocate for balance between sustainable tourism, ecological integrity and positive visitor experience in Canada’s Rocky Mountain parks.

What we do

The Association for Mountain Parks Protection & Enjoyment (AMPPE) is a member-based association that advocates for a balance between sustainable tourism, positive visitor experience and protection of ecological integrity. Formed in 1994, AMPPE is a respected organization that is invited to policy tables across the country in relation to tourism and the environment in Canada’s rocky mountain parks. Representing members from all sectors of the tourism industry, AMPPE is the only organization in the Canadian Rockies that supports and advocates for such a complete cross-section of the mountain park communities. Through our diverse membership base and partnerships, we are able to present a strong and powerful voice of representation to ensure that the balanced usage of our mountain parks continues in order to provide a positive visitor experience for all.

Where we work

AMPPE operates within the Canadian rocky mountain parks, a region that covers a vast range from Kananaskis Country to  Jasper, Banff, Yoho and Kootenay National Parks. Canadians identify strongly with their National and Provincial Parks. These special places are our shared heritage. Likewise, each year millions of visitors from around the world come to our mountain parks to experience their beauty through skiing, hiking, cycling, horseback riding, climbing and many more activities that inspire, educate and connect us with the natural landscape. With this access comes responsibility. The preservation of wilderness through the creation of National Parks is important to protect the complex ecosystems in our mountain regions and to ensure the natural processes and cultural assets remain intact for many generations to come.

Key Stakeholders:

Representing a wide range of industry, AMPPE members include mountain parks recreationists, regional municipalities, tour operators, restaurants, accommodation providers, retailers, businesses, associations and foundations. AMPPE possesses strong relationships with key stakeholders including Parks Canada, municipal, provincial and federal levels of government and key tourism organizations such as Travel Alberta and regional direct marketing organizations.


AMPPE is a strong advocate for the responsible use of mountain parks, championing a vibrant and sustainable tourism industry. The positive experience that we wish to create for all visitors to our mountain parks depends on a balance of sustainability under which all stakeholders can thrive.

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