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March 23, 2017 – Rocky Mountain Outlook. Story by Cathy Ellis.  An historic avalanche cycle, which led to the deaths of two American tourists who were out snowshoeing in Banff National Park last week, has prompted a warning for outdoor enthusiasts to keep out of avalanche terrain. Massive natural slides ran everywhere throughout the national  [ Read More ]

March 22, 2017 – The Crag and Canyon. Story by Daniel Katz. Town of Banff officials met with Federal Minister of the Environment Catherine McKenna two weeks ago to discuss vehicular congestion management in the townsite with a focus on how vehicles will impact both the town and the national park in 2017. With the  [ Read More ]

March 22, 2017 – The Jasper Fitzhugh.  For as long as Jasper has existed, blaming Parks Canada for the town’s woes has become part and parcel with living in our tiny mountain community. For many it’s as common as talking about the weather or discussing what you had for lunch. For others it’s become a  [ Read More ]

March 16, 2017 – Rocky Mountain Outlook. Story by Cathy Ellis. As Parks Canada gets public feedback on an $87 million paved bike trail along the Icefields Parkway from Jasper to the Columbia Icefield, the federal agency is also gearing for a plan to extend the trail to Lake Louise. Parks Canada officials say, based  [ Read More ]

March 15, 2017 – The Crag and Canyon. Story by Daniel Katz.  Federal Minister of the Environment Catherine McKenna outlined that the protection of ecological integrity in national parks must be a key priority in future decisions made by Parks Canada in a speech given in Banff on Friday. The minister said that all who  [ Read More ]

March 08, 2017 – The Fitzhugh. Story by Paul Clarke. Parks Canada quietly released more details about the Icefields Trail project last week, including a map where the proposed trail could be built. The controversial project envisions building a paved bike trail from Jasper to Wilcox Campground, near the Columbia Icefield. Detailed maps can be  [ Read More ]

March 7, 2017 – Revelstoke Mountaineer. Story by Aaron Orlando. We sat down with Revelstoke Adventure Park CEO Jason Roe to find out the next steps for the ambitious project now that it’s received tenure from the B.C. government. In February, the B.C. government announced that the Revelstoke Adventure Park proponents had been granted a  [ Read More ]

February 8, 2017 – The Fitzhugh. Story by Paul Clarke.  Some of Jasper’s most beloved backcountry trails will get some much needed repairs over the next few years. The Skyline, Tonquin and Brazeau Loop trails, as well as backcountry areas on Maligne Lake, are all high on the priority list to be fixed and repaired. “We  [ Read More ]

February 10, 2017 – Parks Canada. Canada’s national parks and historic sites enable Canadians to experience their rich history and heritage in a special way and will play a big part in the celebration of Canada 150. As we prepare for the busy visitor season in 2017, Parks Canada is deploying measures to offer the  [ Read More ]

February 9, 2017 – Rocky Mountain Outlook. Story by Tanya Foubert. It was more than fitting that Parks Canada’s announcement that plains bison have indeed returned to the landscape of Banff National Park was held at the corner of Buffalo Street and Banff Avenue. Fitting, because among the natural history collection in the Banff Park  [ Read More ]

February 2017 – Crowfoot Media. Story by Meghan J. Ward. It has been 140 years since bison roamed free in Banff National Park. But, this month, all that has changed as a small herd of Plains bison was translocated from Elk Island National Park to Banff. With the help of Bison Belong, an organization dedicated to the  [ Read More ]

February 6, 2017 – Parks Canada. Parks Canada is pleased to announce that on February 1, 2017 bison were successfully translocated to the Panther Valley, in Banff National Park. The historic return of bison coincides with the 150th anniversary of Canada’s confederation, after being absent from the wild for over a century, their homecoming is  [ Read More ]

February 2, 2017 – CBC News Calgary. 90,000 visitors from China expected in Alberta this year, up 50% from a few years ago Businesses in Banff are busy preparing for a new generation of tourists from China. More Chinese millennials than ever are travelling — and Travel Alberta is organizing workshops for hundreds of hotel  [ Read More ]

February 2, 2017 – Rocky Mountain Outlook. Story by Cathy Ellis. The amount of grain spilled along the Canadian Pacific Railway line in Banff and Yoho national parks is enough to meet the yearly nutritional needs of about 50 grizzly bears. That’s according to research conducted by the University of Alberta as part of a  [ Read More ]

February 2, 2017 – The Crag and Canyon. Story by Bill Kaufmann.  More than a century-long dispute over land in Banff National Park has ended with a pact between the Siksika and Ottawa, which grants the First Nation $123 million in compensation. The negotiated agreement, righting a wrong that saw Siksika territory around Castle Mountain  [ Read More ]

February 1, 2017 – The Crag & Canyon. Story by Gordon Kent. Aboriginal songs, drumming and prayers honoured a herd of Elk Island National Park bison Sunday being shipped to Banff to reintroduce the long-missing species back into the mountains. “We’re handing them off ceremonially, and those blessings will go with them,” said Samson Cree Nation Chief Kurt Buffalo, who  [ Read More ]

January 28, 2017 – The Crag & Canyon. Story by Michele Jarvie.  Wildlife crossings in Banff National Park can be called a success, with animal deaths on highways declining over the past 10 years. Nineteen medium-sized and large mammals died as a result of vehicle collisions in 2015, down from 41 in 2006. In the  [ Read More ]

January 30, 2017 – APT National News. Story by Chris Stewart.  The buffalo haven’t been seen on the land in Banff National Park for 148 years.That’s soon going to change. The Samson Cree Nation symbolically gifted buffalo to the Stoney Nakoda who will help establish the buffalo in Banff. The buffalo were hunted to near  [ Read More ]

January 26, 2017 – Rocky Mountain Outlook. Story by Cathy Ellis. Parks Canada plans to crack down on illegal campers and hire more staff this year in a bid to give wildlife a better chance of survival, particularly in light of wolf deaths in the Bow Valley last year. Illegal campers, who can attract animals  [ Read More ]

January 25th – AMPPE’s January advocacy efforts have been intensely focused on Parks Canada’s Let’s Talk Parks, Canada Initiative: the nationwide public consultation currently underway by Parks Canada to discuss the future of our National Parks and Historic Places. For the first time ever, all Canadians are being invited to participate in the Minister’s Round Table. This  [ Read More ]

January 23, 2017 – Alberta Parks From September 4 to October 5, 2015, Albertans were invited to comment on the Government of Alberta’s proposal to enhance protection of the Castle area. As a result of what we heard from the public, stakeholders and Indigenous Peoples, the Government of Alberta is pleased to announce the establishment  [ Read More ]

Battling the Blaze

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Januray 13, 2017 – Brewster Travel Canada. Story by Stuart Back. The Banff Fire Department receives hundreds of calls every year to deal with fire and rescue situations and they mainly seem to come in the middle of the night or when the weather is at its worst. Whenever the pagers go off, the volunteer  [ Read More ]

December 31, 2016 – Edmonton Journal. Story by Emma Graney Just before the fall session wrapped up, Banff-Cochrane NDP MLA Cameron Westhead made a private member’s motion asking the government to take action to conserve headwaters. Water from mountains and hills of the Rocky Mountains account for 80 per cent of Alberta’s water. Downstream, Saskatchewan and Manitoba count  [ Read More ]

January 6, 2017 – Jasper – By Paul Clarke, Jasper Fitzhugh. A controversial project to build a paved bike trail from Jasper to the Columbia Icefields will cost significantly more than first thought. According to Parks Canada, the proposed trail will cost an extra $20.5 million, which it will pay through its infrastructure investment program.  [ Read More ]

January 2nd, 2017, BANFF – By Daniel Katz, Bow Valley Crag & Canyon The cause of Thursday’s Mount Royal Hotel fire was determined by investigators to be a direct flame impingement onto combustible material due to a propane torch. The roof of the 50-year-old structure was undergoing significant renovations. The new roof was being refinished  [ Read More ]

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