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March 7, 2017 – Revelstoke Mountaineer. Story by Aaron Orlando.

We sat down with Revelstoke Adventure Park CEO Jason Roe to find out the next steps for the ambitious project now that it’s received tenure from the B.C. government.

In February, the B.C. government announced that the Revelstoke Adventure Park proponents had been granted a 30-year tenure for the project planned for the Greeley area just east of Revelstoke.

Read more about that approval in this Revelstoke Mountaineer story from February. 

I sat down with Revelstoke Adventure Park CEO Jason Roe in February to talk about what happens next for the development, which has a target opening date of July 1, 2018 — although that date is still dependent on a number of factors.

In the audio interview below, Roe talked about his immediate plans for what is shaping up to be a $40 million investment in the coming years. Roe estimated the project would require 250 construction workers to complete. Once built out, it could need about 250 staff to operate during the summer months. When it opens, the park hopes to attract over 100,000 visitors during a summer season.

Phase one should see the development of a gondola, ziplining, hiking trails, a restaurant, and more. The completed project calls for over a dozen amenities, including horseback riding, a surfing wave pool, lift-access mountain biking, camping, and much more.

Once completed, Roe envisions a one-stop adventure park that will be the largest of its kind in North America.

Currently, the developers are in the planning stages, trying to firm up their plans before construction starts.

For more, listen to our audio interview by clicking play on the SoundCloud app below. Follow the Revelstoke Mountaineer Podcast on iTunes for more audio from the Revelstoke Mountaineer.

Original article sourced here.

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